Myoskeletal Workshops with Senior MAT Instructor Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly

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erik attending paul kelly myoskeletal workshops

About Myoskeletal Alignment

Myo – (prefix): A prefix denoting a relationship to muscle.
Skeletal (adjective): Of, relating to, or functioning as a skeleton.

Myoskeletal Alignment is a term developed and coined by Erik Dalton, PhD, in the early 80s after seeing a need for a more integrative perspective on pain management in the human body.

Erik’s greatest contribution to the field of manual medicine: Working from the knowledge that the body’s myofascial and skeletal systems are inseparable. What affects one always affects the other. Accordingly, Myoskeletal Alignment focuses on treating stubborn pain conditions by mobilizing joints through muscle manipulation.

In 1999, Paul Kelly attended a Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques® seminar conducted by Erik Dalton, PhD. Fascinated by Dalton’s pain management model based on his studies with Dr. Ida Rolf, Vladimir Janda, MD and Philip Greenman, DO, Paul began traveling, assisting, and mentoring with Dalton.

Today, Paul Kelly conducts Myoskeletal Alignment workshops internationally, attends research conferences, and teaches a Myoskeletal corrective exercise session in Erik Dalton workshops. Paul’s corrective exercise work also appears in Dalton’s very popular “Dynamic Body” textbook and in the 2013 “Motion is Lotion” video series.